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Manisha Nagpal

My name is Manisha Nagpal and I was an intern with Dr. Ranjini a few years ago. My experience learning with and alongside her was incredible. She was patient, kind and encouraging in her approach to counseling. I initially had my own fears of whether I would be a successful therapist or not, but Ranjini allowed me to sit alongside her in her therapy sessions and gave me the freedom to voice my own views as well. She would always start and end her sessions with warmth, love and hope. She helped me develop confidence in my own skills too. She helped me realize that while we must invest ourselves during therapy, we must also know when and where to draw the line so that our own life and mental health is not negatively impacted. Her ability to consider the differential diagnosis of her clients was appreciable and I learnt a lot from that. As a therapist, I also learnt how to be flexible and eclectic in our approach toward clients.

My first intern in the year 2012 from Christ University a gold medalists .